Video Editing / Publisher (GH-01)

Anadolu Ajansı /
Publish Date: 16.9.2021

We are looking for a colleague with the following qualifications to be appointed to our institution's Ankara headquarters and our Istanbul office, which is among the most influential news agencies globally with 101 years of experience and broadcasts news in 13 different languages.


Video Editing / Publisher


Video News

Required Qualifications

  • To graduate from at least undergraduate departments of universities (preferably graduated from related departments),

  • Good communication and representation skills,

  • Able to work in an intensive and flexible work tempo, prone to teamwork,

  • Be able to carry out all processes from the pre-preparation stage to editing, assembly and publication stage in the designated areas

  • Edius has advanced mastery of Adobe Premiere Pro and final cut, after effects, editing and editing programs

  • Work in coordination with the team in the production of video content and the publication of these videos

  • Communication side is strong, and the excitement of working is high

  • Responsible and disciplined to carry out the given work on time

  • Closely following emerging current and video trends

  • Very well-informed in English (preferably Native)

  • Has at least two years of industry and professional experience

  • For male candidates, they were having done their military service / being exempt.

Keywords: Görsel Haberler, Video Editing, Video Publisher, Visual News
Application deadline: 30.11.2021 12:00